#1 Re: Techniek FL1 » The Freebie - OSC build Log » 2014-02-24 19:50:09

I see Rimmer Bros do a clutch for Rover 400/45/mg zs part number UQB100770L . It would be interesting to put them next to each other and see what the differance is.Does the L stand for light ?.Anyway managed to get a set of 4 King Springs on ebay from Australia for under £300 ,Bargain. Also 5 X Cooper Discoverer AT 205 80 R16 for £375. Next up polybush kit and monroe shocks.  cool

#2 Re: Techniek FL1 » The Freebie - OSC build Log » 2014-02-21 19:16:08

I see Brit part sell a HD clutch are the older ones differant. Why did you not go for the black diamond clutch in the end,and one last question where did you get the HD clutch from and are there any left.

#3 Re: Techniek FL1 » The Freebie - OSC build Log » 2014-02-09 10:10:23

Not having much luck so have sent you a pm which you can upload if you wish.

#4 Re: Techniek FL1 » The Freebie - OSC build Log » 2014-02-03 17:37:47

Yes good idea about restoration topic once I have worked out how to start a new topic and how to post photos on here.?

#5 Re: Techniek FL1 » The Freebie - OSC build Log » 2014-02-02 21:01:16

Great thanks for the tip.My Camel is R144 it can be seen at the begining of the Camel Trophy 98 video driving into a river,It is also the right hand drive car on the stage at the official Camel 98 press launch also on the video.I have made a note of all the suppliers you recommend and parts used and will over the next 12 monthes of rebuild be drawing on that and asking more questions if thats ok.

Many thanks.

#6 Re: Techniek FL1 » The Freebie - OSC build Log » 2014-02-01 20:47:53

Condition is not bad,The previous owner blew the engine up and had a recon supplied and fitted by land rover main dealer £4000 they did fit a new turbo for free though, after braking the original.The body seems to be free of rust (I will have it proffessionaly wax oiled befor next winter)The suspension and brakes are rubbish. So I will be refurbishing all four corners with new wheel bearings springs shocks discs drums calipers etc etc.Now that you have lived with your car for a year since the above work is there anything you would have done different or any manufacturer you wish you hadn't used. hmm

#7 Re: Techniek FL1 » The Freebie - OSC build Log » 2014-01-30 22:46:55

Great job,I am just about to start restoring my Camel trophy Freelander and have taken a lot of insperation from your build.What make of brake caliper did you use with the Nitrac discs please.

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